“we’re Always Looking For Partners And Get Funding To Keep Things Moving,” Said Landry, Who Initiated And Built The John Macintyre Mlab (motion Laboratory Of Applied Biomechanics) With The Assistance Of A Canada Foundation For Innovation Grant And Matching Funds.

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Travis McDonough’s Kinduct Technologies platform, used by pro-athletes in just about every league throughout Canada and the United States, will also use the university’s lab on occasion for more detailed analysis for sport injury research. “It’s great to see Nova Scotia at the forefront of the sport performance industry,” said Dr. Scott Landry, an associate professor of kinesiology at Acadia. Landry supervises the research at the lab, which is located inside the university’s athletic complex and is equipped with motion capture technology similar to that used in animation and video games. Adidas has also used Acadia’s facility several times to test the performance of its shoes, and Landry said the company is looking for a new project to collaborate with again, after Landry spent a recent sabbatical working at their sport research lab in Portland, Oregon. “We’re always looking for partners and get funding to keep things moving,” said Landry, who initiated and built the John MacIntyre mLAB (Motion Laboratory of Applied Biomechanics) with the assistance of a Canada Foundation for Innovation grant and matching funds. It’s named in memory of a popular all-star soccer athlete at Acadia. The lab features 19 motion-capture cameras recording thousands of frames per second, with wireless sensors measuring real-time muscle activation patterns in 3D to understand risk factors for injury. Reflective markers placed around the athlete’s body measure the finer details of any movement in any sport, be it walking, running, or jumping and landing.

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